About Matilda


I will actually a write a more serious and in depth About Me section at some point, but for now have some useless and potentially uninteresting facts!

NAME –  My name is actually Matilda. Although in my day to day to life I’m typically called ‘Tilly’. Using my full name just felt right given how much of a bookworm Roald Dahl’s character ‘Matilda’ was.

AGE – 21

COUNTRY – England



FAVOURITE COLOUR – Green or blue.

FAVOURITE FOOD – Mortadella or bresaola/anything that can go on an antipasti board. As well as Franks Red Hot Sauce, fries, pizza, berries of any kind, tikka masala, pork scratchings, Nutella and pretty much most foods if I’m being completely honest…

FAVOURITE SINGERS/BANDS – Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Britney Spears, Miranda Lambert, Nick Cave and The Smiths.

FAVOURITE MOVIES – Labyrinth, Moulin Rouge, Mamma Mia , The Wizard Of Oz, The Neverending Story,  Pan’s Labyrinth, Moana, Beauty & The Beast, The Babadook, Cafe Society and Match Point.

FAVOURITE SHOWS – Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls and Breaking Bad.

FAVOURITE BOOKS – Heartless by Marissa Meyer, Holes by Louis Sachar, The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey, The Loneliest Girl In The Universe by Lauren James and Wonder by R.J. Palacio.