My Bookish Goals For 2019 – Blogmas Day Eleven

Hello and welcome to Day Eleven of Blogmas! I’m going to get straight into it today and discuss my book related goals for the new year! 

  • Up my followers on all social media accounts – Blogging for me isn’t about the stats, however it is nice to know you’re connecting with people, so I’d definitely like to set myself some targets for next year. I would really like to reach 1500 followers on Twitter, 350 on my blog and 200 on Instagram. I don’t think I’m going to quite achieve the follower goals I set myself mid-year but I like to think the ones I’ve set for 2019 are achievable. 
  • Have a blogging schedule – I’m all over the place when it comes to writing and scheduling posts in advance. I write when I wanna write and I post when I wanna post. However, I’d definitely like to at least get a rough schedule set so my days are mapped out. I’m hoping to get a diary/notebook to help make this happen because I am a lover of lists and I always need another notebook. 
  • Reduce my physical TBR – I’m always going to have a mental TBR of all the books I don’t own and I can’t really do anything to help that, but I can try and reduce the books I do actually have on my shelves. In early 2019, I’ll have a plan set out of how I’m going to do that so stay tuned, but for now…it’s a mystery. All I know is that I don’t want to go into 2020 with 80 books on my TBR. I miss the days where I’d buy a book, instantly read it and then go and buy my next one. Whether or not I’ll be able to reduce it by that much I don’t know but that’s definitely a goal of mine. 
  • Start researching and possibly drafting my first novel – I love writing. I have a creative mind and I think I could have the potential to make an amazing story. I’ve got a couple of ideas that I’m toying around with and just need to finally sit down and actually think about where it could all go. Definitely need a little writing space to help me get motivated though. 
  • Utilise my Goodreads more – It’s amazing having a platform specifically designed to discuss books and organise our never-ending TBR’s but I definitely don’t use mine enough. I’m obviously going to set my reading challenge at the beginning of the year as always but I would like to sort out my bookshelves a lot more and make sure I review everything I read. 
  • Maybe branch into Booktube – I don’t know whether or not my confidence has upped itself enough to post videos of myself on the internet yet but I would love to give Booktube another try in 2019. I love watching everyone else’s content, so why not create my own?
  • Get a new bookshelf…or two – I have run out of space for my books. It’s getting a lil’ messy around the house now because there are stacks everywhere so it’s really needed. I suppose I only need one if I’m meant to be reducing my TBR but it’s always good to have a spare one right?
  • Get my own blog domain – I’ve loved being able to utilise WordPress and getting to know how to make my blog look like a real blog, but I would really love to be able to have my own blog domain. It’s something I really need to look into in the new year. 
  • Stop reading books I don’t want to read – We’ve all been here I think? Reading a book because you NEED to review it but not because you WANT to be reading it? Well, this is something I’m definitely stopping. I’ve read a couple of books this year that I felt I needed to review and I didn’t enjoy them as much as I could have because of that. Next year, I want to spend my time off work reading the books I’m wanting to read. I spend too much time pleasing other people at work and a little self care never hurt anyone! 
  •  Read more adult literature – I love YA. I always will. But sometimes I need to read about characters who are slightly closer to my age or books that are a little bit more complex. I think it’s a shame that a lot of YA books dumb themselves down to appeal to the target audience and they really needn’t bother but a lot do and sometimes I just need a book to be really dark or a bit more philosophical. 

Do you have any goals for the new year – bookish or otherwise? Let me know in the comments! I’ll be doing a list of my non-bookish goals too in my 2018 wrap-up post but for now, goodbye and goodnight! I hope you enjoyed Day Eleven of Blogmas!


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