My Favourite Booktubers – Blogmas Day Ten

Welcome to Day Ten of Blogmas here on Matilda’s Library! Today I will be sharing my favourite booktubers with you all! Before I begin let me just say that I would LOVE to watch smaller accounts and I don’t know why I don’t. I guess I just don’t know where to start? So if you know any amazing lesser known booktubers then please link them down below! 

Let’s begin with…

Tilly And Her Books

Tilly And Her Books was the first Booktuber I discovered two years ago before I even knew people made videos to discuss everything bookish! I found her funny, easy to relate to and she also loves animals! She doesn’t post as regularly as she used to and I do miss seeing her content but I’m hoping in 2019 she makes a full return! I’ve discovered so many amazing reads through her channel and I can’t wait to discover more! 

Super Space Chick

Once again, Kristen’s Super Space Chick account was one of the first channels I discovered! I instantly fell in love with her bookshelves which were organised by colour at the time and then realised we have a lot of similar interests outside of books too! She’s so down to earth and the fact that she’s a New Yorker makes her all the more fascinating for a Brit like me! 

Hailey In Bookland

Everyone knows Hailey by now if you regularly watch Booktube. Again, she was someone I instantly connected to and we share a lot of similar tastes in books and are both obsessed with Alice in Wonderland! I have to say, I haven’t enjoyed her content quite as much as I used to recently and I’m not really sure why. I think I just prefer her reading videos to her writing ones and she’s very focused on being a writer at the moment. Either way though, she’s one of those accounts I instantly rush to watch as soon as she posts something new!


Bit of a different story for Regan from PeruseProject compared to the others. I actually really didn’t enjoy her videos for quite a long time. Then she started doing reading vlogs, and suddenly she was up there with my favourites. I definitely enjoy getting a lot of adult literature recommendations from Regan’s channel and I love just seeing her day to day life in New York during her reading vlogs. 

Merphy Napier

And last but by no means least, Merphy Napier! I stumbled across her channel about two weeks ago when I was watching unhaul videos, and she instantly became my favourite booktuber. I ended up binge watching so much of her content as well as adding so many books to my TBR. She’s so down to earth, has a beautiful family and I love how varied her taste in literature is. 

Like I said earlier, please link either your booktube accounts or just some smaller creators that you know down in the comments and I’ll be sure to go and check them out! Who are your personal favourites and do we have any in common? Thank you reading my tenth Blogmas post and I shall see you again tomorrow! Have a great day! 


6 thoughts on “My Favourite Booktubers – Blogmas Day Ten

  1. I love Booktube, thank you for this awesome list, I discovered 2 new people to look up yay! My favourites include Hailey in Bookland and PeruseProject as well but I also love Book Roast (, Chelseadolling Reads (, Books with Emily Fox (, Common Spence ( and I recently discovered FullofLit (

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  2. I love ChelseaDolling Reads, she’s amazing! I also love Natasha over at myreadingisodd and Ali at Hardback Hoarder, you should definitely check them out! 🙂
    I watch a couple people from your list but I also have a few new ones to check out now 🙂

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