My Christmas Traditions – Blogmas Day Eight

Welcome to DAY EIGHT of Blogmas here on Matilda’s Library. Today we’re taking a slightly less bookish but considerably more festive route and talking about CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS. Everyone has them. Whether that be opening up a book on Christmas Eve or not celebrating at all and ordering a Chinese takeaway. 

So let me tell you a little bit about Christmas traditions in my house! 

What’s On The Table?

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A very dry turkey made especially dry by my mum leaving it in the oven overnight. A ham joint covered in honey and breadcrumbs and fifteen million cloves. Sausage meat mixed with sage and onion stuffing and baked to perfection. Gravy with so much wine in that you might as well be having a bottle of it poured over your dinner. Potatoes roasted in goose fat. Honey roasted parsnips. Brussels sprouts – if you’re that way inclined. 

What’s On The Box?

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Typically, we’re not really the kind of family who watches anything on TV on Christmas Day. But there’ll always be hundreds of A Christmas Carol adaptations we watch in the run up to it – my favourite being the Muppets version. As well as the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special, Love Actually and The Holiday. 

What Games Do We Play?

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Ticket To Ride has become a staple on our dining room table in the last five or so years but that’s the only game that has stuck around for a long time. Monopoly just takes way too long to play, so we never play that anymore but a few years ago I’d have said that too! And maybe Trivial Pursuit?

What About Presents?

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We are a family who likes to go all out at Christmas. Not in a spoilt way, but just because we like giving gifts to each other. Over the years, we’ve tried to open presents AFTER Christmas dinner, but my eldest sister who’s in her early thirties gets far too excited and moans that she wants to open her presents, so we do usually still unwrap them in the morning. We’ve never been a stocking kind of family and little gifts are under the tree too. Our mum buys us all the same chocolates year after year. Guylian for me. Ferrero Rocher’s for the over excitable eldest I previously mentioned and Toffifee for my other older sister. Who knows when my mother decided that those were the chocolates we would like for the rest of our lives, or even when we liked them in the first place, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also typically receive a pair of cosy pyjamas. 

What Decorations Do We Have Up?

A tree! Varies each year on whether or not we have a real one or not. Personally, I do prefer them but they are very expensive, so not always a viable option. I like to have very natural coloured baubles and lots and lots of fairy lights. At my parents house, we’ve always put something random on top of the tree. Something like a soft toy seal. My other half and I now have a glittery silver star that we put up year after year in our own home along with fairy lights and natural coloured tinsel around my bookshelves. 

What about Boxing Day?

Every boxing day, my grandparents ‘host’ a get together at their house. So we have all of my dad’s side of the family there, a buffet, a game of bingo and some more presents. It’s my favourite tradition and one that I haven’t been able to attend nearly as much in the last few years given we rotate Christmas’ with my family and my boyfriend’s family. Thankfully, I AM going this year! 

Any new traditions this year?

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Technically, traditions are traditions because you’ve been doing them for a long time but I’d definitely like to create a new one and that is….reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in the run up to December. I love the story and it is so festive so this is definitely something I would like to do from now on!

I’d love to hear about your Christmas traditions! What do you have for Christmas dinner? What games do you play and what films do you watch? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you all again tomorrow for DAY NINE of Blogmas! 


5 thoughts on “My Christmas Traditions – Blogmas Day Eight

  1. I don’t particularly like turkey, so my mum always gets a gammon joint too! This year I have found a giant pig in a blanket and I am hoping to get away with that as my meat haha!


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