So, if you weren’t already aware, I am on the street team for the lovely Laura Steven’s book The Exact Opposite Of Okay. It’s a YA contemporary that deals with sexism, feminism, revenge porn and tackles ‘the nice guy’ stereotype. With society being what it is today, I can assure you that this will be one of the most important books you read this year and I highly suggest you pick up a copy!

ALSO if you have proof of a pre-order, you will win an exclusive bonus chapter detailing the main character Izzy’s first time and believe me, once you’ve finished the book, you’ll be struggling to wait until 2019 for the follow up, so make full use of this opportunity and PRE-ORDER. Send proof to

You have until March 7th to send an email, and don’t forget that the book itself releases on March 8th! I genuinely cannot wait to hold that finished copy in my hands!

Haven’t pre-ordered yet? GO, GO, GO! What are you waiting for?



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