REVIEW – Here Comes Hercules (Hopeless Heroes, #1) by Stella Tarakson

I am a firm believer that any book can be enjoyable to someone if they go into it with an open mind. Put aside your age, the intended target audience for a book and just dive in. We can all still be big kids at heart even if we’re not, just as we can put on our adult hats and get serious.

Now I don’t know about you but after Christmas, I’m pretty drained. I want to laugh, and I want a lighthearted read to welcome me into a new year and that is exactly what Here Comes Hercules achieved. In fact, I don’t quite remember the last time I actually giggled out loud during a book.

The story is about a young boy named Tim Baker. His mother is working two jobs to make ends meet and isn’t home enough to keep up with the housework, leaving Tim cleaning up most of the time. One day when tidying, he accidentally knocks over a valuable Greek vase and out pops Hercules. Chaos and hilarity ensue.

Firstly, if I had been a child reading this, I would have ATE. IT. UP. Even more than I already did. Heroes are cool. But Greek heroes are cool AND educational, and there’s nothing better than having fun getting lost in a book, whilst also being able to impress your teacher on Monday morning with your newfound knowledge. And just to clarify, the fun/education ratio is perfect in Here Comes Hercules.

Secondly, both Tim and Hercules were lovely characters. Tim was very typical of a ten year old boy. He’s having a hard time at school, but still rises above it to be a genuinely nice kid. Hercules was hysterically funny, and also a great hero to include. Especially with the way he was written. Boys often think it’s not okay to be emotional, but here we have one of the most famous and mighty heroes of all time, showing a lot of real emotion. We need to have more of this in children’s fiction, so I’m delighted that such a funny read also had a lot of heart.

Hopeless Heroes is going to be a fantastic series if this was any indication of quality. If you’re a big kid, or you have kids of your own, make sure this is on your list of books to buy. It was highly enjoyable, incredibly amusing and is sure to delight the ears and eyes of people everywhere.


Thank you to NetGalley, Sweet Cherry Publishing and Stella Tarakson for providing me with an ARC.



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